About the Service

This service provides both a telephone hotline and website which gives you alternative routes to report areas of concern which relate to wrongdoing in your organisation. It is provided by CiC, a specialist company providing a range of services including psychological support and an organisational consultancy. We are totally independent of your employer and will act impartially. Your calls are taken by our counsellors and the calls are not recorded, although notes will of course be made. We will generate and submit anonymised reports to your employer summarising the information you give us, and thereafter responsibility for corrective action lies with the employer. Our reports go to key people, identified in advance, as those within the organisation suitable to be entrusted with your organisationís corporate governance.

It may be that it would be helpful for the organisation to have further information to inform a thorough investigation into your concerns, or to allow effective action to be taken. Where we have your contact details, we may therefore ask for some further information. We emphasise that your confidentiality will never be compromised without your consent. Our counsellors will endeavour to help you to think about the possible implications of your disclosure.